He is the "marsa", the fictional meeting place for your dreams painted quill fact Pfllah on the shores of Half Moon Bay to become the desired your place.

location: marsa resort is located half-moon beach in the city of Khobar in the Eastern Province on the international road to the State of Qatar, where away from the Gulf and village 3 km by 7 km Riyadh. And this resort is a charming example of where it shines 594 Pearl designed to the highest quality standards and multiple models of villas in addition to the three international hotel includes 300 rooms and suites each with its own character. Natural beauty and charming as our product gives Luna a unique fragrance of nectar calm and comfort sunrise and sunset meditation and relaxation.

Features: added the resort site taste rarely develop three natural bays where the bridge has not been any operations but we have the process of land leveling and the world's most famous engineering offices. Studies and action plans in addition to doing an in-depth study to streamline the movement of marsa waters and tidal movements.

Keep the marsa resort on the Arabic tradition and it added a touch of renewal and splendor through trendy designs. And when all available methods of comfort and luxury. It is that the goals of our resort when all age groups to enjoy and meet their needs. Vetoagd requirements as for the young adults of gardens, health clubs, restaurants, malls, meeting rooms, golf and others are all within the framework of sophistication and privacy and secure their needs of privacy and well-being

phase 01

The first phase of the marsa resort

Culminated in the first phase of the project as the cornerstone essential characteristic "Marina Resort" and we were able to offer to the owners of Villas the first phase as it had promised them. The first phase has been completed Pfllaha the 52 highest standard of excellence and innovation in the construction and finishing. Where the first phase of the marina resort...

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The second phase of the marsa resort

After the success of the development of the first phase of the project marsa- 1, which aims to build (52) Villa, the Galatasaray company in collaboration with the financial profit of the company to complete the development phases marsa- 2 Resort (Phase II), and the project aims to build 96 residential villas located project is one of the best offshore locations...

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phase 02