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The word of the chairman of board of directors

Arbah Financial Company aims at providing a high level of various investment services those mix between compliance with Islamic law in consistent with the original clients’ culture, professional financial industry with international standard, working methodologies based on governance, those work through accurate legal standards to reserve the rights of our clients, and shareholders and to comply with Saudi laws, and the regulations adopted by the Saudi Capital Market Authority as it is the organizing authority for the investment banks within the Kingdom based on Authority’s methodology and vision to make the Kingdom to be a center for the Islamic banking in the region.

We are in Arbah Financial Companystriving through our journey that full of achievements to build and enhance our reputation, and to commit with the international standards of the financial industry. Arbah Capital worked to enlarge its activities in various sectors, and were keen in our business to gradually enlarge and to reach in steady paces to launch various investments and services. We were also keen to repeat our successful business model most importantly real estate investment funds, whereas; the stage of needing creativity and innovation to draw details in a high professional manner to provide premium services, to make client’s need as a part our the vision.

With the grace of God, our efforts resulted after our determination and insistence, and now Arabah Capital became one of the most important investing banks that provide premium investment opportunities through real estate investment funds for the purposes of developing a part of sophisticated and distinctive in the tourism sector, in addition to targeting the housing sector especially for low income sectors in the Kingdom in order to participate in achieving developmental goals those will meet the citizen’s desires.

We would like to celebrate the concentrated efforts those resulted in building and enhancing the success of Al-Marsa project in all aspects. Whereas the first stage of the project was full of important achievements for Arbah Capital Company in its capacity as the Al Marsa Real Estate -1 Fund manager, and for Sarai Development as it was the project developer, whereas the fund obtained the license of selling on map from the ministry of commerce and industry at the beginning of the project. The project was developed and all units were sold within a very short period of time.

Finally, I confirm that our concept in Arbah Capital and the competition is represented in integrating between different sectors to service Islamic financial industry, and alliance with strategic partners in major projects to increase benefits and profits, and to compete professionally in order to achieve targeted clients’ satisfaction through our style in managing our clients’ investments and providing them with premium services.

Sheihk Adil Bin Saad al Mohammer

The Arbah Capital Company now is one of the most important banks those provide unique investment opportunities through real estate investment funds.

phase 01

The first phase of the marsa resort

Culminated in the first phase of the project as the cornerstone essential characteristic "Marina Resort" and we were able to offer to the owners of Villas the first phase as it had promised them. The first phase has been completed Pfllaha the 52 highest standard of excellence and innovation in the construction and finishing. Where the first phase of the marina resort...

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The second phase of the marsa resort

After the success of the development of the first phase of the project marsa- 1, which aims to build (52) Villa, the Galatasaray company in collaboration with the financial profit of the company to complete the development phases marsa- 2 Resort (Phase II), and the project aims to build 96 residential villas located project is one of the best offshore locations...

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phase 02